Obama let "US" down.

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Obama let "US" down.

Post by sotxbill on Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:43 pm

Obama had a chance to become one of the most famous people in the world, win a noble peace prize and definately become the next president of the world but he blew it big time!!!!! He let us all down, the whole world.

A little while back Don Imus made a racial joke but still it was a joke, agreed by all. He was fired! And rightfully so!!, as Racial intolerance Should NOT be a part of the 21st century. Yet Obama's preacher did a huge racial error, spead lies, and created fear and disinformation, and Barak gave him a pass.

Obama missed the oportunity to become the greatest person since Lincoln, had he simply said that Its HORRIBLE WRONG, AND RACIAL SLURS, LIES, FEAR MONGERING HAS NO PLACE IN THIS WORLD TODAY. He would have then become the true leader and won by a landslide. Instead, he showed us that we are no better off, and bigottry and racisium is alive and well and even being taught by religous leaders in the Black communitee or at least in the Presidential's Candidates church of choice. Saying he is just old does not cut it.!! Making profit off of fear, lies and hate is not acceptable, even for a priest/father/preacher.

Wow,, We the this close to changing history, a moment like when man walked on the moon, when the berlin wall fell, when wwII was over, but yet he'll probably not make it and just fade into history. The best he can do is just be a black president and with this example, another politician at best.

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Re: Obama let "US" down.

Post by hllovell on Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:56 pm

I listened to Emmit Smith introduce Obama when he was in Dallas..
I dvr recorded the Obama Speech.... I have heard Obama before. He should have been a preacher.. but wait.. he did not want to make as much money... anyway.. he says all the right things.. he has good ideas.. he is intelligent... but one Question? Who is going to pay for all of his ideas if he even gets 25% of his ideas to fly? we will!!... the middle class, the retirees that make middle class money.. and you can bet we will be taxed a lot. and then we will be taxed some more...

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