Did you ever meet R. C. Mac

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Did you ever meet R. C. Mac

Post by sotxbill on Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:10 pm

When I first hired on, I did meet R.C. Mein. Who was a great person whom I met at the union hall. But for years everywhere I went, I always heard about how R.C. Mac would do this or do that, or in some cases hadnt done something. Gosh this guy sure screwed up lots of throw schedules and caused lots of delay. You would have thought that Management would have done something about him. He sure caused a lot of grief.

Then there was the time Charle Cottrell went on vacation, the week we got our new phone books. Someone decided to place posters all over 4119 Broadway about how Charlie was collecting phone books for a good cause, and for everyone to just drop them off in his office. He got back to find out that he could not get into his office. He never did find the culprit.

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